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Muziek over schrijven







Artiest: Belle & Sebastian
Album: Storytelling
Tekst: "If you're a storyteller you might think you're without responsibility."





Paperback Writer

Artiest: The Beatles
Album: The Beatles 1
Tekst: "It took me years to write, will you take a look?"





Shadow Stabbing

Artiest: Cake
Album: Comfort Eagle
Tekst: "Adjectives on the typewriter, he moves his words like a prizefighter."





Losing It

Artiest: Rush
Album: Signals
Tekst: The writer stares with glassy eyes, defies the empty page."





Writer's Block

Artiest: Just Jack
Album: Overtones
Tekst: "Sometimes at night I think too much."





Writer in the sun

Artiest: Donovan
Album: Mellow Yellow
Tekst:  "And here I sit, the retired writer in the sun."





Write what you know

Artiest: Stars
Album: Nightsongs
Tekst: "This ending is so sexy." 






Artiest: Elton John
Album: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
Tekst: "Will the things we wrote today sound as good tomorrow?"





On my own time (write on)

Artiest: Gym Class Heroes
Album: As Cruel as School Children
Tekst: "I wrote the greatest lines at the strangest times."





I'll be a writer

Artiest: Soltero
Album: Defrocked And Kicking The Habit
Tekst: "Commiting to paper, the chances I've missed"




Samenstelling: Leander de Goede
Zondag 23 augustus 2009


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